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Are you good with balls?

Prove it.

What are Man Games?

A fullfillment of your manly insticts 
Whether you believe in a evolution or creation, the basic insticts of man are pretty straightforward. Males, when put in a competitive environment, check out other males and think, "I could take him."


Well, Man Games gives you an opportunity to prove your athletic superiority to other dudes while teaming up and hanging out with your best buds. 


What Events Make Up Man Games?

Well, my dear friend, that depends on which Man Games event you attend. 

This is not the event for a lone wolf. Here you need to be able to strategize with your squad and play nice with others to crush the souls of the other teams looking to take away your dream of becoming a Man Games Champion. 

Team Man Games

Individual Man Games

Here's where the individual can assert his dominance over other men. Games are built to favor individual skill and strength over teamwork. 

The Origin Story

It started out as an excuse to get away from the responsibilities of adulting. It got blown way out of proportion and turned into a bonafide event, complete with point systems, analytics, swag bags, and trophies. 

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The originals. The founders. The pioneers.

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Next Event

Doubles Man Games
May 21-22, 2021    |    Midway, Utah

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