Sponsors like those on this page turn this event from a casual weekend away, to a kick-ass competition that grown men literally write home about (via text message).

The men who come to Man Games take the swag made possible by sponsors and, upon returning home, transform into 3rd grade children in the front of class during show and tell.

30-somethings strut around, showing their Man Games hats, shirts, wrist bands, stickers, golf balls, and other swag prizes to neighbors, coworkers, randos at the gym, and complete strangers.


Because of people and companies like you.

You bring value to this demographic of people. You offer a service or a product that works and that makes us believe that we can accomplish everything we dreamt about as we fell into the rat race. And then we tell all our friends about you. 

We'll be straight up with you... we limit participation in Man Games.
If you're looking to get in front of millions of people, then no, we're not made for each other.

Marketing dollars need to be spent wisely on people who will buy what you have to offer.

All we're saying is that you have young(ish) to middle-age men competing in events, using muscles that they haven't activated in years. 

You have guys that are working that 9-5 and want to have their money start working for them.

They want to feel like men.
Tough, rugged, virile...

So if you can help these men invest wisely, recover quickly, and find the energy and testosterone they've been missing for years... it doesn't get any better than this.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Levels

Let's figure out what you need and make it happen.

Options and opportunities:
• Website placement and event signage
• Logo on the Man Games swag bag
• Samples, product placement, and swag at events and meals
• Time to explain what you do to the contestants
• Social media posts and mentions
• A team spot in Man Games

How your dollars are used:
• Swag bag items
• Facility reservations
• Prizes for event winners
• Meal Sponsors (Dinner) 
• Equipment